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Keisha Lanee BrownYou are sui generis.
You deserve the freedom to define who you are in your own terms.
You deserve to be respected as a person.
Always remember you are HD;
You are incompatible with the Standard Definition ascribed by others who try to play you.

You are radiant and exquisite.
The carbon copy costumes they try to sell you cannot compete with the natural beauty crystallizing inside.
Don't trade your unrefined diamond mine for plastic pearls of flawless perfection.

You are grand and magnificent.
Silence that voice inside that says you don't have, can't do, won't be and never will.
Your aria is much too lovely to be muted by contractions.
Realize that those lies aren't worth the pain and labor of trying to make yourself small.

You are deserving of love.
There is an art to the heart.
Don't be afraid to make a mess of things.
Spill your guts, allow someone to melt your heart, shed tears of joy and pain.
Create a truly great portrait of love that blurs and blends and bleeds outside of the lines.

You are wholly capable.
You don't need permission to show your strength, your talent or your brilliance.
Don't waste all your time watching the credits roll in other people's lives.
Take action, go all in!
If you lose, it's okay.
At least you tried and that's a win.