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Jane AustenI am back with a new reading challenge! Summer's not over yet so for this year's Summer Reading Challenge I will be spending the month of August with one of my favorite authors -- Jane Austen! This reading challenge was inspired by the romantic comedy movie "Austenland," which I watched recently. I'm usually not a fan of kitschy, over the top rom-coms but I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie. Even though the plot is clique and half the ensemble of characters were incredibly outlandish, I found the leads quite charming and the clash between the stars and the crazy supporting cast was hilariously entertaining.

The goal for this month is to read as many of Austen's major works as I can. I have already written about Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility in my Summer Reading Challenge last year. That leaves five other Austen novels for me to choose from for this challenge. I've decided to start my challenge with perhaps Austen's most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice. It's probably a bit too ambitious to try to read Emma, Mansfield ParkNorthanger Abbey, and Persuasion as well all in one month so I'm aiming to finish 2-3 novels and then maybe read Austenland by Shannon Hale as a bonus book.

CHALLENGE: Read the novels of Jane Austen
BONUS BOOK: Austenland by Shannon Hale
DEADLINE: August 31, 2014
BOOK #1: Pride and Prejudice

Click here to check out my previous Reading Challenge. As always, I invite you to participate in my reading challenge or create your own! I always appreciate when you to share your reads or have reading suggestions. Feel free to share them on Facebook or Twitter (@KeishaLBrown).  Happy reading!